Chrysler Aspen – History, Major Flaws, & Why It Got Cancelled So Fast! (2007-2009)

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In this video we look at the Chrysler Aspen! This is another episode that looks at the history of the car, major flaws, and why it got discontinued so fast! The Aspen was basically a luxury Dodge Durango, but it had a super brief life of just three model years and under 65,000 total sales units. This SUV just didn't do it right and had 6 major flaws and reasons that I felt caused this car to be cancelled. Watch along for a full history of this car from inception in 2007 to cancellation in 2009!

Chrysler Aspen First Gen 2007-2009: 00:50
Major Flaws + Reasons for Cancellation: 10:03

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