He Took Off His Mask! (True identity After 24 hour Challenge Face Reveal of Game Master)

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Matt and Rebecca Zamolo search for the Quadrant who shows his face while we found secret hidden mystery device in the vent of safe house!

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Rebecca Zamolo created Hacker said YES to EVERYTHING I Say for 24 HOURS! (Game Master Challenge) Matt and Rebecca uploaded LAST TO FALL in POOL wins $10,000 (Game Master Challenge in Real Life) and the Real Game Master created The RZ Twin is Missing after taking a Lie Detector Mixture in Real Life, we knew we had to find what was missing at the safe house. With a mysterious message from the game master we start searching to find the new device. Daniel said it has been hidden here the whole time. Matt looks in vent while Daniel and Rebecca fortify the front door with slime. After looking into the front room vent Rebecca attends a secret meeting with Daniel and Q and he takes off his mask. This is the face reveal everyone has been asking for. After what looks like a battle royale in real life Matt and Rebecca talk to Daniel and he brushes it off like nothing happened. They then look in the vent in the back room and discover a hidden mystery item. It looks like a controller for roblox. Matt accidentally presses a button and is hypnotized again. Q says he gave Matt the lie detector mixture and now they need to figure out what is going on. Can they save and rescue Matt? hank you for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!

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