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The latest updates of Indian economy and all the major economic news of January 2019 are covered in this second video of January 2019 market wrap up series. The video consist of 5 parts which are as follows:

GDP (Gross Domestic Product)

What is GDP?

Growth Domestic Product is a parameter for showing the total production of goods and services. It shows us the growth rate of a country. So, in this section, you will see that what is the current GDP of India? What is the future growth prospects? And How good India is growing in comparison to global peers?


What is Inflation?

Inflation is the parameter for measuring the increase in the pricing of goods and services. In this section, you will see how Inflation is calculated? Current inflation of India? Future expectations.

Fiscal Deficit

What is Fiscal Deficit?

When the revenue generated by the government is lower than the expenditure, it is known as the fiscal deficit. In this section, you will learn,the current fiscal deficit of India, the target fiscal deficit of India and the effect of the change in the fiscal deficit.

IIP (Index of Industrial Production)
What is IIP?

IIP is an index to show the growth of Industrial Production in a country. In this section, you will see the latest IIP data, the changes in the industrial production rate and how it will affect different sectors.

Indian Economic News

The last section will cover up all the latest and major economy related news of January 2019. Some of the major highlights include the US-China Trade War, India’s ranking improvement in the ease of doing business list, and the scenario of unemployment in India.

So, watch the video to get up to date with all the major changes in the Indian Economy.

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