Today's NEW Red Dead Online Update is FULL of FREE Stuff!

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Today's NEW Red Dead Online Update is HEFTY!
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Howdy folks im pineapple, and currently, i’m loving Red Dead Redemption 2, and here on the channel i’m bringing you all kinds of awesome RDR2 videos, including my “Red Dead Redemption Quick Tips” Series and my “Secrets of Red Dead Redemption 2” series, Among tonnes of other Red Dead Redemption 2 News, some of the best performing RDR2 content we’ve made have been the simpler, more useful tips. Such as the “ HOW TO SIT ON CLIFFS IN RDR2 (FOR REAL) - Red Dead Redemption 2 Cliff Sitting Challenge” Video, and the recently published, but super helpful according to the community “ [HOW] FREE "Arabian Rose Gray Bay" EARLY GAME | Best Horse in Red Dead Redemption 2 *OFFICIAL* “

I hope you guys find these quick tips for Red Dead helpful, as well as the Secrets of Red Dead series, but please leave me a comment on any video telling me what kind of RDR2 Content you’d like to see, because im sure i’d love to make it!

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Today's NEW Red Dead Online Update is HEFTY!

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