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Dota 2 Live Streaming :
Playoffs: Lower Bracket R2 (Bo3) vs Mineski | MDL Disneyland® Paris Major
Turnament Information:
MDL will be hosting their first tournament outside of China ever, and what a venue to pick for this occasion: together with the Disneyland Paris Event Group, MDL presents the MDL Disneyland Paris Major, the fourth Major of the 2018-19 Dota Pro Circuit.[1] At the beginning of May 2019, 16 of the world's best Dota 2 teams will come to Disneyland Paris outside of downtown Paris, France, to secure their portion of the $1,000,000 USD prize pool and the invaluable DPC points to qualify for The International 2019. It also marks the first DotA 2 Major held in France as well as the first E-Sports event in any game hosted by Disney Parks and Resorts since Disneyland Paris hosted ESWC 2010.

Fifteen teams qualify through regional qualifiers: three teams each from Europe, China and North America and two teams each from CIS, Southeast Asia and South America
One team qualifies as the champion of OGA Dota Pit Minor
Group Stage - May 4th - May 5th
Sixteen teams are divided in four GSL groups of four teams each
The top two teams advance to the upper bracket of the playoffs
The bottom two teams advance to the lower bracket of the playoffs
All games are Bo3

Playoffs - May 6th - May 12th
Sixteen teams play in a double-elimination format, with the final four days being in front of a live crowd[2]
Eight teams begin in the upper bracket, eight in the lower bracket
All games except Grand Finals and Lower Bracket Round 1 are Bo3
Lower Bracket Round 1 are Bo1
Grand Finals is Bo5

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